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Le vigne più vecchie 2014
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Le Coste di Gradoli
Le vigne più vecchie 2014


Rebsorte: Procanico 

Alkohol: 12,5%

Region: Gradoli, Latium 

Winzer: Clementine Bouveron und Gian Marco Antonuzi

Le Vigne più Vecchie (The Oldest Vineyards) is a wine that blends several vineyards in the Gradoli area with an average age of 50 years and made from 100% procanico grapes. It is not produced every year.
Procanico is a more qualitative biotype (smaller bunch, lower production per plant and higher aromaticity) than Trebbiao Toscano. The wine is softly pressed with a vertical press and fermented in wooden vats where it is aged for 2-3 years depending on the vintage. Then also 1-2 years in the bottle and finally on our shelves!
A precious wine, truly a perfect picture of this volcanic territory.