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Marmote 2018
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Valli Unite
Marmote 2018


Grape variety: Croatina

Alcohol: 14%

Region: Colli Tortonesi, Piedmont

Winemaker: Alessandro Poretti

Croatina is a grape variety that comes from far away. Croatia? No, far back in time. The first historical references date back to the Middle Ages and, due to its good yield and natural resistance to fungal diseases, it has gradually imposed itself in north-western Italy where it is considered to have its homeground. Marmote speaks the language of the farmer: ripe red fruits and the typical spicy and vinous notes. The high alcohol content is well balanced by a firm freshness and the typical tannicity is smoothed by a light residual sugar. An evocative red wine, a dive into the sinuous green hillside of Alessandria's farmland.