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Hommage 2011
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Christian Tschida
Hommage 2011


Grape varieties: Blaufränkisch

Alcohol: 12,5%

Region: Illmitz, Burgenland

Winemaker: Christian Tschida

Christian Tschida's passion for art is perceivable through the labels of his wines, which often show figurative or sculptural artworks. In case of Hommage, we are in front of a total tribute, a homage as the name suggests, to one of the most important Austrian artists of the recent past, Alfred Hrdlicka, painter, sculptor, and designer among the most acclaimed and influential of his generation. This tribute passes through a red wine with an intense profile, which moves between a silky tannic texture and flavour depth, between the acidic tension and the dark tendency of its aromas of undergrowth between blackberry and ripe cherry, noble wood, and spices. We’re talking about a wine from 2011, a warm vintage which, however, in this case has been able to maintain itself well over time, bringing us a balanced and harmonious red wine, not lacking the artistic tension of many works of the master Hrdlicka.