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Nascetta 2021
Nascetta 2021
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Cascina Corte
Nascetta 2021


Grape variety: Nascetta

Alcohol: 13,5%

Region: Dogliani, Piedmont

Winemaker: Sandro Barosi and Amalia Battaglia

Nascetta (also called Nas-cetta or Anascetta) is an autochthonous Langhe vine with a noble past, but because of its fragility and inconstant yields, it was slowly supplanted by other white grapes, until it almost disappeared completely. In the 1990s some producers accepted the challenge and recovered the variety, which now has a place, albeit a niche one, in the Langhe wine scene. The version proposed by Cascina Corte is fermented and aged in amphora for about a year, according to a style that brings out one of the main characteristics of wines produced from Nascetta, longevity. The bouquet releases yellow pulp fruits and herbaceous hints of Mediterranean scrub. The taste is full and round with a long and persistent finish.