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Non-Tradition 2016 Magnum 1,5L
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Christian Tschida
Non-Tradition 2016 Magnum 1,5L


Grape varieties: Grüner Veltliner

Alcohol: 11,5%

Region: Illmitz, Burgenland

Winemaker: Christian Tschida

Dedicated to the ones who think Grüner Veltliner cannot be used to make long-ageing wines with a wide aromatic spectrum. It may be not a traditional one, but it marks its way through a forest of scents, way far from the typical fruity-peppery notes that usually distinguish this grape variety. Non Tradition is an explorer with a passion for France, swinging between a stylish Burgundian suit and the complexity of a Jura wine, with delicate toasted, spicy and nutty notes, interspersed with salty-mineral hints. This particular version of Non-Tradition is aged for 4 years in a large oak barrel, two more years than the regular one, making it a sort of late release in which the aromas are pushed even further, ready to travel even more unexplored organoleptic paths.