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Paìno 2014
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Le Coste di Gradoli
Paìno 2014


Rebsorte: Procanico 

Alkohol: 13%

Region: Gradoli, Latium 

Winzer:  Clementine Bouveron und Gian Marco Antonuzi

Paìno was the nickname of Gian Marco's grandfather, meaning peacock in Gradoli dialect. He loved to show off and this wine is dedicated to him as a wine to be proudly displayed on the table...
From the colour of the label you can tell that this is a true orange wine. Paìno is not produced every year, but only when the perfect quality of the grapes from "La Chiesa" parcel are affected by Botrytis. The harvest is late and the humidity of Lake Bolsena favours the development of noble rot. The wine is destemmed and macerates in open barrels for a month,  then matures for three years in barrels of different sizes and finally another three years in the bottle. During this time the tannin, acidity and botrytis find their perfect harmony.