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Ribelle 2.0 2020
Ribelle 2.0 2020
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Tenuta l'Armonia
Ribelle 2.0 2020


Grape varieties: Pinot Gris

Alcohol: 12%

Region: Veneto

Winemaker: Andrea Pendin

Ribelle 2.0 is a wine belonging to Tenuta l'Armonia LAB project and in particular, to the part proposing alternative versions of typical grapes of the Vicentine territory, produced through different styles of vinification in the attempt of creating a new enological vision. We are talking about a rosé wine made out of Pinot Grigio grapes, an international variety which has been cultivated for centuries in the foothills of the Italian northeast. The aim of this wine is to fight against the tendency to use this variety only to bottle simple and immediate wines, always young, soft, pleasant and suitable for cheap and massive consumption. Instead, here the aim is to highlight the potential of the skins, through the production of a rosè wine with rustic and powerful features. The vines are planted on mainly calcareous soils, and the grapes undergo a maceration of about two weeks, followed by an aging that takes place partly in steel tanks and partly in amphora.