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Silicium 2021
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Weingut Karl Schnabel
Silicium 2021


Rebsorte: Chardonnay, Riesling

Alkohol: 11%

Region: Sausal, Steiermark

Winzer: Eva und Karl Schnabel

Bewirtschaftung: Biodynamisch

A cuvee of Chardonnay and Rhine Riesling is not something that one can often hear about, but Schnabel managed to put these two prima donnas together, under the sign of the skin maceration. Silicium impresses with its complexity and deep aromas: freshness and elegance, body and character, a perfect acid structure and fine tannins. The grapes come from a vineyard called Hochegg, whose soil is a mix of coarse siliceous rock, slate and iron. The hill slopes are steep and high and benefit from a ventilated microclimate, a natural protection against humidity and fungal diseases.