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Vino Rosso L'Imprevisto Amphorae
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Cascina Corte
Vino Rosso L'Imprevisto Amphorae


Grape varieties: Dolcetto 

Alcohol: 12,5%

Region: Dogliani, Piedmont

Winemaker: Sandro Barosi & Amalia Battaglia

L'imprevisto, the Unexpected, is produced from Dolcetto grapes harvested from about 70 years old vines, on calcareous-tufaceous-clayey soils. The color is purple-red with violet hues. Olfactory speaking, depth and verticality are the key words, with fruity scents chasing each other to create a captivating and balanced bouquet. Cherries, plums and currants are followed by nuances of spices and licorice. The mouth confirms all the great substance: the tannic texture is intense, the body is thick, but the whole mouthfeel still have a soft and round side. Excellent persistant lenght, this Dolcetto made in amphor can have a unexpected long life in your cellar!