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Vinifero internship - a review by Emma

am April 15, 2021
Hello Vinifero community 
My name is Emma and I am studying International Wine Business at the University of Applied Sciences in Krems. For my internship semester I wanted to discover the natural wine world and Vinifero was the perfect place for it.
I got the chance to work with such lovely people, Enrico and Claire from whom I learnt and gained a lot of valuable knowledge for my personal and professional development.I was also involved in meaningful moments, like the transition of the Vinifero location at Hirschengasse 8.
Besides that, I had fun times too, for example during the making of the Vinifero Dinner Box that Claire and I created or our private ritual lunch on Saturdays.
What I mostly liked at Vinifero was the Friday´s tastings, when it was still possible. People from different cultural background with interesting stories to share would come together to drink natural wine and simply relax and celebrate the end of the week. I can not say how grateful I am to have been part of Vinifero. I learnt so much about natural wine, the winemakers behind it, amazing native grape varieties that are almost forgotten in today´s conventional winemaking. Natural wine is for me a beautiful expression of freedom, where winemakers are significantly less restricted and produce wines that come from their heart. And that freedom you can taste it in the glass.
Cheers to everyone and hope to taste some more natural wine soon with you on Fridays!
Emma Svoboda

Liebe Emma,
wir möchten uns auch herzlich für dein Engagement, önologischen Wissensdurst und all die schönen Momente bedanken. Du bist und warst eine tolle Bereicherung für die Vinifero Familie und wir wünschen dir auf deinem weiteren Werdegang von Herzen alles Gute.
Es war uns ein Fest! Molte grazie e i migliori auguri
Enrico und Claire