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July Update [ENG]

am July 03, 2024

Dear Vinifero friends,

July has arrived and we're ready to face the second half of the year with great enthusiasm!
Especially now that the temperatures have become more enjoyable again, we have new energy and have organised more wine moments to share with youÂ đŸ„‚

From the June memories, we would like to thank Lisa Waldenberger for a really fun and buzzing Gyoza night at the Winebar, while at the Vinothek it was a great pleasure to have Mathias from RauSchnitt Weine 👏

Now looking ahead to the freshly started month, let's see what's lined up for you!

- Snapshot from the thrilling Gyoza night with all the powerhouse women involved - 


At the winebar, we have for now two events scheduled for the month of July:

  • On Sunday 7th of July, Vintage Market from 1 to 6PM with clothes, accessories and art.
    Das Tho will take care of our culinary well-being, both savory and sweetÂ đŸ„–đŸ§
    Vinifero pours natty winesÂ đŸŸ

  • On Saturday 20th of July,  it's time for Baozi feast, steamed buns with a variation of traditional fillings 🍮
    Starts at 6PM, till sold out, no reservations needed, walk-ins only

Thursday tastings run as always, to check out the weekly lineup keep an eye on the Verkostungen section of our website, or Instagram stories on the day.

- Intense negotiations to secure the finest second-hand gear at the last FlohmarktÂ đŸŽ© - 


At the Vinothek, for the month of July, we are coming back full gas with our Friday tastings 🚀

We have in fact planned 4 exciting appointments, with a very diverse offering and two winemaker visits.
At the usual 5 to 8PM time slot, here's how it will play out:

  • On the 5th of July, we will be presenting the new wines from Scherer&Zimmer, from Bad Krozingen in Baden, Germany. Felix and Michael, who embarked on their winemaking journey in 2010 with a small vineyard and a farm primarily producing asparagus, have transformed their passion into a thriving venture through biodynamic farming practices 🐼
    As members of the innovative 'Generation Pinot' group, they have continuously explored new grape varieties to create an exciting and diverse range of wines. From a 30+ month aged Sekt to a ripe and structured red, their wines promise to excite you with their vibrant yet profound character. Don't miss out to hear and taste more of their great work!

  • On the 12th of July, it is time to bring Djuce in the spotlight. This project started in Sweden and was motivated by the desire to offer alternative packaging for natural wines, in the name of sustainability. Numbers and stats about glass transport, recycling and consumers'habits certainly validate Djuce's intuition. But their real credit goes further, as they also chose to work with top organic and biodynamic wineries, many of which from Austria. The cherry on the cake, is a pretty captivating packaging 👄The wines are of course really good and the format is a game-changer for so many drinking occasions, from cinemas and concerts to picnics. Come and challenge any prejudice, with Djuce's cans and pouches!

  • On the 19th of July, we will host one-winemaker of a kind, Markus Sonntag from Waitzendorf. Many of you might have already tried some of Markus's wines, now we are proud to present to you the freshly bottled novelties directly through Markus'own words 🙌
    It's really hard to briefly sum up what we did together until now, because it's been quite a journey. The new wines will speak again of long aged GrĂŒner Veltliner, including a primordial 2003 Orange that spent 20 years in a 800 litre cask, a new 2015 Sonntag Geschlossen and a Reunion 2011-2015, named Zusammen Ausgabe Eins that contains the sum of the individual parts. There will be some fresher wines too and most likely a few surprises if we know Markus well enough.

  • On the 26th of July, second winemaker appointment of the month with Gerhard Sacher and his Amphorenweine, from Steiermark. We are excited to discover from Gerhard how he first  discovered and feel in love with the Georgian way of winemaking. All his wines are fermented in Qvevris that he sourced from Georgia, and the wines are produced through long skin macerations, followed by long elevage in used casks.
    Working mainly with Pinot varieties of all shades, as well as some newly planted PIWIs, his wines strike an incredible balance of depth and structure, combined with a gentle lightness in alcohol and fresh acidity. We are really looking forward to see your reactions to this unique style, there might be no coming-back đŸ€©

- Markus Sonntag (and Babsi) pouring at Vinifair 2024- 

Wishing you a great start of the month,
we hope to see you soon this July and share wonderful bottles together!
A presto e salute!Â đŸ˜˜đŸ·