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    Giotto & Gabrio Bini
    Azienda Agricola Serragghia

    Serraglia, Pantelleria

    "Gabrio & Giotto Bini vignerons de père en fils"
    In 1994, Gabrio and his wife Genevieve, coming from the eccentric world of fashion and design, bought Serragghia, a small piece of land on Pantelleria, the black pearl of the Mediterranean, attracted by the energy and warmth emanating from this island born from the puff of a volcano 200,000 years ago.

    The first wine came out after ten years of Gabrio experiments and research into natural winemaking and the use of amphorae. Ten years for the first seven hundred bottles that left everyone speechless. Something unique was born in the world of wine, new horizons had opened up, something had happened, somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea. Now Giotto, the son, guards these lands, always at his father's side.iv> In the meantime, new vineyards were planted, more grape varieties and the number of bottles produced increased. The cellar is a piece of land filled with buried amphorae covered by a roof, that's all.

    For Serragghia, talking about terroir, grape varieties, ancestral agriculture sounds a bit obvious. The wines speak for themselves, their identity is unique, every year they open up new spaces, their boundaries expand.

    Heritage 2022


    Serragghia Bianco 2022