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Dogliani Superiore Vigna Pirochetta 2019
Dogliani Superiore Vigna Pirochetta 2019
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Cascina Corte
Dogliani Superiore Vigna Pirochetta 2019


Grape variety: Dolcetto 

Alcohol: 13,5%

Region: Dogliani, Piedmont

Winemaker: Sandro Barosi & Amalia Battaglia

If we imagine the panorama of Piedmontese red wines as a rock band, Dolcetto would be the rhythm guitarist, a gifted and reliable musician who however will never see the limelight, closed by the stage presence of the singer and the virtuosity of the lead guitarist. In many cases, however, these musicians are the ones who hold up the sound of a band, and some of them, once free from the band's hierarchies, have given birth to solo works that made history. This is the perfect metaphor to understand Dolcetto Dogliani Superiore Vigna Pirochetta, a real monument to this variety, as well as a milestone in the Dogliani wine scene: the grapes come from more than 70 years old vines, which grow near Cascina Corte's headquarters and sink their roots in a soil rich in clay, blue tuff and limestone. The result is a powerful, elegant and deep wine, fermented and aged in steel and another two months in bottle, capable of aging for more than a decade.