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Tasting 21st of September

am September 20, 2023
Dear Vinifero-Friends,

Thank you to all who joined us on this sunny Sunday at Heuer am Karlsplatz, it was a lovely way to close the summer season!

We thought of another fun idea;to keep you and us entertained: From this week on, you can bring your favorite food to the bar to challenge our Vinifero team to find the perfect pairing for you!

Regarding Thursday’s tasting;

The first bottle to be poured, Pizzicante Rosso - Le Coste. Our two winemakers, Clémentine and Gian Marco, have been producing biodynamic wines since the first harvest in the heart of the Latium region. Pizzicante rosso is a Sangioseve and Merlot, naturally bottle-fermented. After a short one-week maceration, it was pressed and left to ferment in vats until bottling, it brings a rustic and fruity soul to the table. Definitely bubbles worth sharing!

The second bottle brings us back to Austria in Apetlon, Burgenland. Definitely Today from Weinhof Haider is a 100% Welschriesling spontaneously fermented in a stainless steel tank. A very aromatic wine that everyone can agree on with its delicate floral aromas, its freshness, its approachable mouthfeel and its subtle but dynamic structure.

Our third selected wine, “Legionärin” from Schnabel comes from the fairytale landscapes of Southern Styria. Being the Queen grape variety in Steiermark, this Sauvignon Blanc offers a wine full of energy and creaminess. With typical and elegantly-shaped notes of grapefruit, orange peel, gooseberries, a flowery touch and delicate hints of herbal spices. The acidity is vibrant, lively, with a salty finish. A real life elixir!

A fresh and fruity wine made of Zweigelt grapes, grown in the hills of the 21st district of Vienna? That is what the winery Sackl is offering us with this rosé “Pink is for Power”. A brief aging in wood rounds off the acidity and emphasizes the fruity notes both on the nose and in the mouth, where clear hints of strawberry yoghurt, red berries emerge. Excellent freshness and great sugar, this rosé will make you want to wander around the Viennese vineyards on those first days of Autumn.

The last but not least: Spargivento from La Cerreta. In biodynamie since 1999, the winegarten is protected and fertilized through green manures of legumes, cruciferous plants, grasses and the use of our composted manure. With 3 local grape varieties from Toscana (Barsaglina, Colorino, Foglia tonda), this wine reflects the balance and harmony that exists between plant and soil, expressing the Tuscany terroir to the fullest. With an intense deep red color, a nose immediately presents itself with strong fruity notes of blueberry and plum. Mouthfeel long, mineral and deep: it's the perfect way to finish the wine tasting!

See you soon at Karmeliterplatz!

The Vinifero Team

Tasting fee: 25,-€/ p.P.

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