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Weingut Karl Schnabel - Ermihof

- Sausal, Steiermark -

A red enclave in a land of white wines such as Styria, this is how Weingut Schnabel won their bet. A passion, that for red wines, cultivated in time and perfected in Bourgogne, where Karl and Eva were able to learn the secrets of some of the best red wines of the world. In Schnabel's winery there is no room for compromises or fashions: the production's philosophy pursues the idea of a viticulture that produces what the soil has provided in accordance with nature, in order to highlight the cultural good of wine and to offer the consumers pure and digestible wines. The vineyards are located on the Sausal hills, covering a total of 5 hectares divided between the cru Hochegg, Koregg and Kreuzegg, and are cultivated according to biodynamic principles. The soils are mainly slaty and characterized by a high percentage of rock, therefore presenting a loose structure that enable a good accumulation of solar heat, and by extreme slopes which do not allow mechanization. The production is mainly concentrated on the red grape varieties Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch and Pinot Noir, with a smaller percent dedicated to Morillon (Chardonnay) and Rhine Riesling. In the cellar the work is done exclusively by hand, with sensitivity and precision, all the wines develop and mature in oak barrels and no sulphites are added anywhere.


Blaufränkisch Hoch 2019


Morillon Hoch 2020


Pinot Noir Kor 2020


Rosé 2020


Rotburger Kreuz 2018


Sauvignon Blanc Legionär 2020


Sauvignon Blanc Legionärin 2020