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Tasting 29th February

am February 29, 2024
Dear Vinifero-Friends,

New events are waiting in line, but let’s head to the tasting wines of this week first!

First wine to open the ball, a beautiful pet nat from the hills of  Steirmar: Ploder-Rosenberg. This family winery is focusing its work on resistant grapes and working in total harmony with the elements around them. Suno 2021 is a very elegant sparkling wine made of Bronner and Muscaris (PIWI grape). Fruity and balanced with a nice acidity. A sun in a bottle to get you through the last days of winter.

This is followed by the slightly macerated Spèrgle 2022 from Il Farneto from the Emilia-Romagna region, which is rich in culinary delights. Most people only know the Spergola grape variety as a cuvée partner, but Marco and Tommaso show that it can also produce outstandingly drinkable wines on its own with this charming companion...

In Lucca, Toscana lies an 18th century villa, surrounded by 2 hectares of vines. Giuseppe, our winemaker, has been dedicated since the early 2000s into biodynamic wine making. He produces only four wines, two reds and two whites, and all in all less than 10.000 bottles a year. Fabbrica Bianco is a white wine made of vermentino, malvasia and trebbiano, with 1 day of maceration on the skin. With an aging of 6 months in old barrels and 6 months in steel. A wine that is not afraid of evolution, it maintains a beautiful freshness in the finish to accompany a great balance.

The fourth wine is a surprising Pinot Gris from Pozzuolo di Friuli. Villa Job's Piantagrane 2021 is a single variety Pinot Gris, left for a few days of maceration on the skins to give the wine it's amber color, that would make you believe this is a rosé. An intense bouquet of flavors on the nose of apricot, ripe lime and aromatic herbs, as well as hints of sweet spices and light touches of honey nuts. In the mouth - a beautiful balance between acidity and silky tannins.  

Last but not least, Rosso di Gaetano 2022 is made mainly from Greghetto, which is the local name for a small berry biotype of Sangiovese, typical in this area plus Syrah and Merlot. Acidity, tannin, freshness and, in this great vintage, beautiful ripe fruit and deep color. Le Coste lies on Lake Bolsena, on the border between Lazio and Tuscany, and the soil in which their vines are rooted is based on volcanic rock. 

See you soon at Karmeliterplatz 2!

Vinifero Team

Tasting fee: 25,-€/ p.P.
Starting anytime between 4-10 p.m.

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