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At the beginning of a new venture there should always be a promising idea. Pontus and Philip had the idea to challenge the reputation of a container – aluminium cans – inspired by offering an alternative packaging to glass bottles in the name of sustainability and carbon footprint emission.

They also went much further by radically changing what goes into the cans and reinventing their looks too. For that, they decided to work with wineries that farm organically, use minimal amount of sulphur (if any) and of course don’t use any additives or filtration. About the look, they decided to use catchy artwork produced by talented artists from all over the world as a label to these wines.

The result is a provoking product, which definitely appeals more to younger generations, but can also provide a great alternative to offer natural wines in a new format for different places and contexts.

Juicy Orange 2023 (1500ml Pouch)


Vibrant Rosé 2023 (1500ml Pouch)


Djuce Cans 12-pack