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Gottfried Lamprecht

Pöllau, Steiermark
Anyone who is familiar with Gottfried Lamprecht knows, that he does not do things by halves. "Artisan handcrafted wine & no compromises" is his premise and the results speak for themselves. The foundation for the wines is laid in the vineyard - it is the soul of the wine. That's why at Herrenhof they focus so much on flourishing biodiversity and healthy soil, which is the foundation of the vines. The terroir of Gottfried's wines is so special due to geology, as the sites are characterized by tertiary sediments, brown opok and calcareous sandstone. Finally, in the cellar, he acts according to a specially imposed, so-called Herrenhof Charter, in which meticulous attention is paid not only to quality but also to transparency. In this way, multi-layered creations are born, whose good reputation precedes them far.

Furmint vom Sandstein 2021


Buchertberg Rot 2020


Pinot Noir vom Opok 2019


Sand & Kalk >R< 2020