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Christoph & Mathilde Daignière-Koller

Schönberg am Kamp, Kamptal
It is our four hands that honestly and close to nature, with a lot of manual labor, work the soil of our vineyards and cultivate our vines. Passionately, we think about how and when we can best support and care for the cycle of nature. When our soils are well supplied, the soil life is active, bees and insects feel really good, then we know, that our vines are also doing really well! We grow grapes, which unfold their full potential in the cellar. We create living wines, which tell about their terroir and make the character of the soil clearly perceptible. Natural and untouched, spontaneously fermented and without additives. 15,005 m2 with 4,258 vines.

Seiltänzer 2021


Neben Sonne 2021


Einhandsegler 2022