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on November 15, 2023
Time to Sip the Latest Wine Arrivals 

The long and warm summer has eventually come to an end, it was certainly about time. Despite being a little melancholic for the days getting shorter – we find fresh energy by welcoming new pallets of wine for the colder evenings ahead. Two big arrivals from Italy in the last couple of weeks gave us a great occasion to take highly inspired pictures, to write about these fantastic wines to you and to put together some great tasting packs for all palates at a great value!!

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Freshly landed on our shelves - as well as in Karmeliterplatz - are lots more wines from Il Farneto, with newly released pet-nats and reds where Lambrusco plays the main role in several different shades. Next to the Frisant Bianco, already with us since June, the line up is now completed with Frisant Rosato, a lighter and fruitier expression, and Frisant Rosso, fully dry with just a little extra tannin and acidity that make it a perfect rustic partner for the table.

The joyful bubbles continue with New Player in Town, a Trebbiano Modenese with a short maceration and fresh acidity. Last but not least, the punk label of God Save the Wine, where Lambrusco meets Malvasia for an electric rosé with perfumed aromatics, the right amount of funkiness and immense drinkability. One info for the wine geeks: all the frizzante are made through the process of refermentation which takes place in spring. The base wines are fermented to dryness before the winter and through the colder months they clarify and stabilise naturally. In springtime, when temperatures start rising, the wines are bottled with the addition of must from the same year, in order to trigger a second fermentation in the bottle. As a consequence of working with cleaner wines, the Frizzantes are not disgorged, and present a small amount of lees in the bottle, adding a touch of texture and yeasty flavours, as well as maintaining the wine very fresh and alive!🤩

Beyond the bubbles, Lambrusco shares the spotlight with Marzemino and Malbo Gentile in the Giandon Rosso. Here through a week long maceration and ageing in concrete, we find a bottle filled with juicy red fruit, a leafy edge and crunchy tannin. Berzmein completes the Emilian squad with a single variety Marzemino, a variety more commonly associated with Trentino, but finding a suitable climate on the Appennino hills. Berzmein shows deeper flavours from one year ageing in old tonneaux, followed by a second year in concrete. It develops a more complex sip with darker fruit character, savoury notes, without renouncing to great drinkability🤙

On the other side of the room, straight outta Villa Celiera in Abruzzo, we find labels filled with colourful hands and moons and crustaceans and mammals from the Lammidia gang. We find here even a stronger influence from the Apennines, in this case overlooking the Adriatic coast, on the back of the city of Pescara. Bianchetto opens the dances with its 10,5% alcohol, zippy acidity and immediate juiciness. Frekt is a Pecorino with the acidity that reminds you of a Margarita and a floral bouquet supported by gentle tannin thanks to a short time spent on the skins. Same winemaking goes for the Zeus Faber where Tocai and Sauvignon Blanc, produce a more aromatic wine with ripe citrus and a mineral long finish. Perfumed aromatics are also found in the Panda with Moscato and Montepulciano making a juicy rosato that combines fragrance and freshness framed in a fine structure. Paparazza is the white pet-nat where the right amount of Traminer contributes to some tropical vibes. For all the orange wine seekers, Moon Tonic is the answer: made from Montonico, a native grape to the centre/south of Italy that fell out of favour in the last decades, the wine spends two weeks on the skins under carbonic maceration. This technique puts the fruitiness of the wine in the forefront by encouraging intercellular fermentation. In this case the extraction of tannins and structure make a wine with more substance, with fleshy yellow fruit, herbal notes and balsamic nuances🍑

When it comes to reds, we chose two exciting expressions of Montepulciano. Rosh, where a touch of Trebbiano finds place, goes for a week-long maceration, partly in carbonic regimen, and spends 8 months in stainless steel. It makes a lighter style, filled with leafy notes, crunchy red fruit and makes the best companion for a pizza rossa any day of the week🍕

The Rosso Anfora, on the other hand, is a destemmed example of 100% Montepulciano in a riper declination. Two weeks in a terracotta amphora, before being pressed back in the same, for a period of ageing that allows the wine to develop a silkier and softer body, with a richer fruit profile, integrated in the typical wilderness of the Lammidia wines, loyal to their ‘Uva e basta’ motto which we love and fully support💚



After such beautiful stories, for those who cannot resist to all this excitement, we have put together some cool selections at a great value. 

There’s three 6-pack and a 12-pack you can choose from: 

  • ‘Il Farneto’ 6-pack🧡  92,- €
    with 3 pet-nats of all colours, a white and two reds 
  • ‘Lammidia’ 6-pack💚 120,- €
    everything from pet-nat to anfora red 
  • 'Mixed 6-pack' 💡 100,- €
    with the best of both worlds: 3 pet-nats from Lambruscoland and 3 bottles from Villa Celiera
  • 'Full 12-pack'  🧡➕💚  210,- €
    that saves you from choosing?! Great thinking! The more bottles, the merrier the drinkers.

As we gear up for the season ahead, remember, more bottles equal more good times to share. So let's toast to the cozy evenings, laughter with friends, and the memories we're about to make together. Prost, and here's to a great season! 🍷🍂