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Wine&Dine 20th March

on March 15, 2024

On wednesday 20th of march, join us for Nouruz at Vinifero Weinbar!

Nouruz is an ancient Persian celebrations that marks the beginning of Spring and the Persian new year. Nowruz means new day in Farsi, symbolizing the renewal of nature and the start of a cycle.

The celebration takes place around march 21st when day and night are of equal length.
Besides of the food taking an important place in this celebration, one of the main tradition is the “haftsin” table which symbolizes different aspects of life and prosperity. The haftsin table usually includes these elements:

  • Sabzeh (a wheat or lentils sprouts), representing rebirth and growth. 
  • Samanu (a sweet pudding), symbolizing affluence and fertility
  • Senjd (dried fruits of the lotus three), representing love and beauty 
  • Seer (garlic), representing health and medicine 
  • Seeb (apple), symbolizing beauty and health 
  • Somagh (sumac), signifying the color of the sunrise and the victory of light over darkness 
  • Serke (vinegar), symbolizing age and patience 
Mirrors, colored eggs, coins and flowers are also included to this traditional table.

Today, Nowruz is celebrated with various customs that traveled through space and time. Visiting family, exchanging gifts, spring cleaning (yes, yes!) but most importantly: Feasts!
In order to make you feel like at home to celebrate the renew, Romina and her mom are preparing an authentic family style diner. 

We will start first with appetizers:

  • Vegan Mirza Ghasemi, a flavorful dip made of grilled eggplants, tomatoes, garlic and spices 
  • Vegan Fesenjan dip, a rich and nutty dish made of pomegranate molasses, walnuts and spices. 

For the main course a delicious vegetarian Ghormeh Sabzi will be served. A very popular Persian stew composed of kidney beans, varieties of herbs, and dried limes. Accompanied of course with Sabzi Polo, a fragrant herbed rice. There will be an addition of refreshing side dishes to the Ghormeh:

  • Salad Shirazi, composed of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and a tangy dressing 
  • Zeytunparvade, a marinated olives dish full of surprises 
  • Torshi, an assortment of pickle vegetables. 

And of course for a delicate end, some Halwa, a traditional persian dessert based on dates and nuts.

Menu 45,-€/ Person
Starting Wednesday 20th March at 7 PM 
Karmeliterplatz 2, 1020

Reservation required, pls contact us via mail or our online contact page