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        Gerhard and Brigitte Pittnauer

        - Gols, Burgenland -

        Gerhard and Brigitte Pittnauer are to be considered real veterans of the Austrian natural wines movement. Since 1998 they are active members of Pannobile, an association born in the mid-90's, which gathers some of the most talented winemakers of the Neusiedlersee area with the purpose of raising the quality of local wines, improving the reputation of grapes such as Blaufränkisch, St. Laurent and Zweigelt, making them able to compete with the great European wines. The hard work on territory and traditions, soon led them to adhere to biodynamic practices and to the realization of wines that are a faithful representation of terroir, other than worldwide-recognized masterpieces. The production focuses mainly on red grapes, such as Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt, Pinot Noir and St. Laurent, the couple's favorite variety, which finds an ideal environment in the sunny, but always cool and breezy climate where the winery's vines extend. The soils of the Heideboden, where Pittnauer's 18 hectares are located, consist mainly of chalk and gravel, alternating in places with sand and loam. 

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