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Scherer & Zimmer

Bad Krozingen, Baden
A small wine revolution is brewing up in Baden, led by the young winemakers at the Scherer & Zimmer winery in Bad Krozingen. They see wine as a "drinking pleasure for all generations" and want to get it out of the elitist corner. The young winemakers of Scherer & Zimmer do not take themselves too seriously, but they take their wine even more seriously.
Two teenagers had a dream independently of each other, met while training to be winemakers and decided to make the vision of their own wine come true together: In 2010, Felix Scherer and Michael Zimmer founded the Scherer & Zimmer winery. A few vines belonged to the asparagus farm of Scherer's parents, which laid the foundation. With a lot of initiative, the two created the cellar out of a pigsty, and with just as much energy and creativity, they are cultivating and developing the wines. As a member of the community of interest "Generation Pinot" they give the winegrowing area a modern face and stand for quality as well as a sense of responsibility, with the conversion to organic viticulture first and then biodynamic with Demeter certification.
On 2 hectares of vineyards, Felix and Michael are testing out what is possible. Thus, they operate an experimental area on which they grow Müller-Thurgau according to the "Australian minimum system". The usual pruning is largely dispensed, which saves labor and makes the grapes more resistant to pests.
The main grape is Pinot Noir and in addition Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Chasselas and Müller-Thurgau. 

PetNat Weiß 2021


Rosé 2022


Pinot Noir 2022


Pinot Komposition


Pinot Brut


Weiss 2022


Muscat Rouge 2022


Meunier 2022


Grauburgunder 2022