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Thomas Buchmayer

Pillersdorf, Weinviertel
Buchmayer's is the story of a family of winemakers from generations, who have been able to inherit the values and knowledge borrowed from farming wisdom and put them at the service of passion, experience and modern technological knowledge. Their motto is "to know nature better, in order to work better with it". The headquarters of the winery is located in Pillersdorf, halfway between Pulkau and Retz, in the northern part of Weinviertel, not far from the Czech border. Organic and biodynamic farming are the practical translation of their production philosophy: to work with lively soils and with the presence of biodiversity in the vineyard are key factors to obtain healthy grape bunches, full of character and aromatic elegance. The result of this approach in the vineyard and in the cellar are honest and straightforward wines, full of character, complexity and elegance that are able to encapsulate the spirit of the Weinviertel in every sip.

Pet Nat Rosé 2021


Rosé Ancestrale 2021


Grüner Veltliner Kalvarienberg 2019


Gelber Traminer 2020


Pinot Noir 2019


Cuvée Kalvarienberg 2019


Pet Nat Blanc 2021


Sauvignon Blanc Ancestrale 2021