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Riesling 2020
Riesling 2020
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Cascina Corte
Riesling 2020


Grape varieties: Rheinriesling, Welschriesling

Alcohol: 13%

Region: Dogliani, Piedmont

Winemaker: Sandro Barosi und Amalia Battaglia

Cascina Corte's Riesling is actually a 50-50 blend of the two varieties known by this name, Rhine and Italic. These two varieties, from an ampelographic point of view, have nothing to do one with each other, however in Italy they are both often found in the same production areas, in particular in the north-west. We should therefore speak of a wine with two souls, but in reality this Riesling is a perfect synthesis between the aromaticity, fruitiness and explosive minerality of the Rhine, and the vibrant freshness, the vegetal and citrus notes and the easy drinking character of the Italic.