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Vino Rosso 2020
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Cascina Tavijn
Vino Rosso 2020


Grape varieties: Freisa

Alcohol: 13%

Region: Monferrato, Piedmont

Winemaker: Nadia Verrua

The entry level to introduce the comfortable country atmosphere of Cascina Tavijn's wines is well represented by Vino Rosso, an ideal welcome glass in this land of sweet hills and red berried grapes having different profiles, but all together capable of forming a real family, just like the various personalities living in the winery led by Nadia Verrua. The grape used here is Freisa, another Piedmontese underdog, which can be found in many different growing areas of the region, it is a strong and generous variety, but often relegated to a secondary role. This Rosso is a simple, humble and sincere interpretation of Freisa, a perfect bottle to accompany traditional country snack breaks and picnics.