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Sonntag Geschlossen 2015
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Markus Sonntag
Sonntag Geschlossen 2015


Grape varieties: Grüner Veltliner

Alcohol: 13%

Region: Weinviertel, Niederösterreich

Winemaker: Markus Sonntag, Enrico Bachechi und Claire Yuan

Grüner Veltliner and Weinviertel is a long-established duo found all over the region, but the ‘Sonntag Geschlossen’ wines challenge any preconception one might have. In Waitzendorf, at less than 10km from the Czech border, Markus ages his Grüner in large old oak casks, most of which were bought from his grandfather and assembled in the deep underground cellar in town. Ageing takes place on the full lees, which are stirred from time to time, resulting in a wine with texture, complexity, yet freshness and agility.

Sonntag Geschlossen 2015 spent over 7 years in a 3600l cask. From a generous and warmer year, the wine strikes now a great balance between maturity, development, freshness and finesse. The ripe fruit profile interplays with both oxidation and reduction, unwrapping an excellent gastronomic wine with depth and texture, of Jura-esque reminescence.