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Teresa 2019
Teresa 2019
  • Verfügbarkeit: Ausverkauft

Cascina Tavijn
Teresa 2019


Rebsorte: Ruché  

Alkohol: 14%

Region: Monferrato, Piemont 

Winzer: Nadia Verrua

Teresa is one of the three Ruché produced by Cascina Tavijn and it is Nadia Verrua's tribute to her mother's character and person. Ruché is an aromatic grape which does not hesitate to show its fruity and harmonic side, a potential crowd pleaser for the lovers of red wines with full flavors and smooth tannins. Teresa exudes Monferrato through the aromas and peculiarities of the variety: the nose begins with vinous scents, dark notes of blackberries and herbaceous hints, while the mouthfeel is fresh and at the same time full and rich, dark and deep. Rusticity is not missing, the great trademark of Cascina Tavijn's wines, a feature that always succeeds in taking us to the sweet hills of Monferrato Astigiano with just one glass.