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Tasting 4th of July

am July 04, 2024
Dear Vinifero-Friends,

second half of 2024has started and we have some fun events planned out for you! 

July special event overview:

  • On Sunday 7th July we're having a follow up edition of the "natty wine & vintage clothing" Vintage Market! 
    Marie and Paul from das Tho bakery will prepare some freshly baked goods - savory and sweet - to let you taste more wines without having an empty stomach.
    When: 1-6 PM, Location: Karmeliterplatz 2 

  • On Saturday 20th July we're organizing a BaoZi Feast paired with a fun and fresh selection of newly arrived Djuce cans and pouches à la picknick style! 
    Claire freshly back from her Beijing trip will prepare homemade BaoZi following her granny's recipe to let you taste authentic Chinese street food.

    Starting at 6PM, no reservations needed. First come, first serve
    (Location: Karmeliterplatz 2).

Now to this current week's tasting... 


We will start in Emilia Romagna with a very elegant Sekt made of Spergola and Chardonnay. Il Farneto is specialized in Spergola and Lambrusco, and keep on experimenting delicious wines from those iconic grapes. This Brut Nature in particular was made with the method champenoise and stayed on the yeast for 12 month total which brings a lot of richness, refined moussage and complexity to the palate.

Let's stay in Italy for our next wine, in Vinci, Toscana to be precise. 500 meters above sea level, Ivan and Claudia of Balenaia are producing wines that are expressing the true Tuscan spirit. Balenaia Bianco is a blend of mainly Trebbiano and few natives grapes. Made with a fermentation in amphora for 210 days, this wine offers a lot of structure, freshness and a matching egdyness.

For our third wine, we thought it was about time that we present the 2003 Grüner Veltliner from our dear Markus Sonntag! His winery is located close to Retz in Weinviertel, only 10km from the Czech border. Sonntag geschlossen 2003 comes from 100% Grüner Veltliner grapes and has been aged over 20 years in a 800L cask. A very complex amber wine with surprisingly crispy thirst quenching character.

After those unique Austrian find, we stop in Sicily now, where Nino Barraco is producing very elegant and precise mineral wines. Rosammare 2022 is coming from a young vineyard of Nero d’avola. Vinified in stainless steel and bottled without adding sulfur, this wine shows crunchy raspberry and a nice salty finale. A high class rosé for sure! 

Now last but not least, with this beautiful grenache noir from Banyuls, very south of france. Our dear Italian wine maker Kiko Pesci decided to tame the french vineyards. And the results are quite beautiful! Pierrot 2022 is a spicy and savory red of southern charm, spices and herbs.

We look forward to see new and familiar faces!
Vinifero Team

Tasting fee: 25,-€/ p.P.
Starting anytime between 4-10 p.m.


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