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St. Peter am Ottersbach, Steiermark
The Ploder-Rosenberg family describes their philosophy as following: We are winegrowers: our job is to observe and guide nature. Nature provides us with a rhythm. It teaches us how to deal with chaos and order. It also provides us with a living example of synergy.
Everything reacts. Everything is closely interconnected. Humans are part of this whole and exert a significant influence upon it. This is our story. It is a story of roots, responsibility, trust and our living wines.
After all, the bottles contain living wines. They have come to life and will remain living for a long time to come.

Luno 2021


Vivas 2019


Cara 2019




Blanca 2017


Linea Pinot Gris 2017


Linea Chardonnay 2017


Linea Sauvignon Blanc 2016


Ruga 2018


Tero 2015


Maro N.V.


Suno 2021