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di Rado 2019
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Il Roccolo di Monticelli
di Rado 2019


Grape varieties: Garganega, Trebbiano di Soave

Alcohol: 11%

Region: Verona, Veneto

Winemaker: Silvia Tezza

Di Rado is a white wine whose name is a smart play on words between the adverb 'di rado', i.e. rarely, and the verb 'diradare', that means to thin out. In order to produce it, the grapes undergoes the most strict selection from the oldest plants, through which only the most mature and sparse ones are chosen. The load of the bunches is even reduced during its growth through the thinning technique. Once the wine is done, is then left to macerate and mature for a long period in steel tanks, followed by a long refinement in the bottle. The result is a wine with a smooth and generous sip and a bouquet that unravel itself through hints of ripe stone fruit, citric nuances and a herbal-flowery background.