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Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC Ried Gritschen 2020
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Weinbau Sackl
Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC Ried Gritschen 2020


Grape varieties: White grapes cuvee 

Alcohol: 13%

Region: Stammersdorf, Wien

Winemaker: Florian und Patricia Sackl

Ried Gritschen is a vineyard plot, part of the northernmost wine growing area of Vienna, in the 21st district. Here the vines grow at an altitude between 180 and 210 meters above sea level, facing mainly south and southeast. The soil is composed by black earth mixed with calcareous inserts mostly made of loess. In the glass, the wine brings out all its character of finesse and nobility: the nose exudes aromas of elderberry, peach and golden apple, while on the palate is dense, floral and elegantly spiced. The finale is persistent and well balanced between acidity and structure.