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Pinot Noir Kor 2021
Pinot Noir Kor 2021
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Weingut Karl Schnabel
Pinot Noir Kor 2021


Grape variety: Pinot Noir

Alcohol: 13%

Region: Sausal, Steiermark

Winemaker: Eva and Karl Schnabel

Agriculture: Biodynamic

Koregg is one of the most vocated cru of Styria, located in a protected position in the Sausal hills. Here the soil is very poor and mainly composed by siliceous primary rock with little humus accumulation. The Pinot Noir grapes are planted at an altitude of 520 meters and the vineyards face south to south-south-west. In the glass, one can witness one of the best Austrian interpretation of this whimsical worldwide known variety: a very complex nose to have fun with and a great interplay of fruity aromas, tannins and minerality at the sip, makes the Pinot Noir Kor from Karl Schnabel a truly unique experience.