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Fünfa 2020
Fünfa 2020
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Fünfa 2020


Grape variety: Rotgipfler

Alcohol: 12,5%

Region: Traiskirchen, Thermenregion

Winemaker: Josef and Jana Piriwe

Have you ever thought of a wine with the crispness of a pet-nat, the structure of an orangewine and the nose of a passito? It is not just the imagination of a bored sommelier, such a wine really exists and it is called Fünfa. Fifth of a line of natural wines launched by Josef Piriwe, made from Rotgipfler grapes, one of the rarities of Thermenregion. It is produced with the ancestral method, starting from slightly overripe grapes, whose skins remain in contact with the fermenting liquid for some days. A wine that seems to have come out of a fairy tale, extraordinarily gastronomic and chameleonic in its expressive versatility.