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Stockkultur 2020
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Christian Tschida
Stockkultur 2020


Grape varieties: Pinot Noir

Alcohol: 11,5%

Region: Illmitz, Burgenland

Winemaker: Christian Tschida

History and tradition are the two beacons that enlightened the mind of Christian Tschida, one of the great masters of Austrian natural wine, in the making of Stockkultur, a wine born as a small scale experiment that soon became a star in the enological firmament. The Pinot Noir vines are all from one single vineyard, Thenau, and are planted according to a farming system recognized as the most ancient method of vine cultivation in Austria, called Stockkultur. Here the vines are not tied to a wire, but supported only by wooden posts, a method that encourages the plants to root deeper and offers the berries enough protection from the intense summer sunlight. After being harvested by hands, the grapes underwent a gentle foot pressure and spontaneous fermentation in open tanks. This unique version of Pinot Noir matures for further 10 months in a 500 liters barrel before being bottled, without filtration nor suplhite added. A tasteful sip of ancient peasant wisdom.